9 Largest Wholesale Garments Providers in Spain


Wholesale Garments Providers Setting up an inventory that is each and every high quality and fair-priced might be very crucial for each and every entrepreneur that desires to emerge to be had available on the market with a modern and stimulating undertaking concept. This is in particular the case for firms throughout the development trade that wish to create a fascinating array of garments products.

Because of this truth, the very very very first thing that will have to be settled is the question of finding the easiest wholesale garments supplier that may provide the inventory of a soon-to-be successful development store. Combine it with the eCommerce development and you purchased yourself a successful undertaking that may send you off throughout the income land.

In some previous articles we’ve mentioned wholesale suppliers in the USA, and then we’ve moved to Europe and explored that wholesale supplier market there. We moreover covered the precise markets of wholesale suppliers in the United Kingdom and the suppliers in Sweden, and now we are going to cross a little bit south and be aware of the wholesale providers in Spain. However, previous than we start on an extensive exploration of the wholesale providers marketplace in Spain, let’s first take a look at some statistics that may display you how one can along your corporation adventure and utterly introduce you to the overall marketplace native climate.

Spain’s population

According to Worldometer, Spain’s population is at the present time estimated to be 46,775,880 as of September 1, 2021. The numbers are taken from the United Countries’ latest data. The country is ranked 30th at the document of countries via population. In addition to, 80.3% of the folks in Spain keep throughout the town spaces of the country, while the remainder 19.7% are settled throughout the rural spaces.

Internet and Social Media Consumers in Spain

Based on a report issued by Datareportal, the internet in Spain is used by 42.54 million folks as of January 2021. This can be a very over the top number of consumers, knowing that the overall population is estimated at more or less 46.77 million. Displayed in share, 91.0% is the cut back of people which may well be using the internet, measured in January 2021. Additionally, there is a slight construction throughout the number of internet consumers in this Southern Ecu country which amounts to 0.3% or 144 thousand consumers throughout the period from 2020 to 2021.

Internet and mobile users in Spain

As for social media, the an identical document claims that spherical 37.40 million individuals who keep in Spain had been using social networks in January 2021. Throughout the period between 2020 and 2021, this amount tales construction of 8.1 million which amounts to 28%. Out of all of the population, 80.0% of the people are consumers of social media platforms.

Spain’s eCommerce landscape

According to Statista, the eCommerce marketplace source of revenue in Spain is set to reach $27,225m in 2021. The yearly construction (CAGR) for the period 2021-2025 will provide a 5.54% give a boost to in source of revenue, which is estimated to reach a marketplace amount of $33,774m via 2025. Fashion is the most important phase of the eCommerce marketplace in this South Ecu country and the estimations are that the marketplace amount in this phase will reach US$7,440m in 2021. Via 2025, the number of consumers throughout the eCommerce phase is going to amount to 36.9 million. Finally, the individual penetration is set to amount to 63.4% in 2021 and is projected to reach 79.2% via 2025. Now let’s head over to a additional detailed eCommerce analysis.

A Digital 2021 report for Spain via the Datareportal says that 79.3% have purchased a product online. In essence, it is a slightly promising share for a lot of these considering getting into this phase. Additionally, Spaniards spent $6.31 billion throughout the Fashion and Class phase. This can be a 24.9% construction from the sooner year which means the popularity of this phase is in steep give a boost to.

General, all of the ones numbers degree to a secure conclusion that Spain has the right kind marketplace landscape for starting a development undertaking. It is saturated enough to offer a blank access without hassles on the other hand at the an identical time, it is not in an underdeveloped phase where slightly vital and thorough making plans is needed as a way to exactly purpose the wanted audience.

After utterly presenting a just right part of statistics that brings closer the eCommerce landscape to anyone who’s making plans on starting an eCommerce undertaking, it is now time to document the easiest wholesale providers that can only display you how one can to your trail to good fortune.


First in this document of wholesale providers in Spain is BrandsGateway. With warehouses in a lot of components of the arena, BrandsGateway will indubitably be an excellent fit for your whole long run provides and will provide a wholesome inventory experience with a lot of sumptuous gadgets. In its provide, they cover more than 120 luxury brands that may definitely up your sport to be had available on the market scene. As a question of reality, you most likely can make a choice from the 15,000 high-end development products for each and every women and men, that additionally come with authenticity insurance of 100%. The supply of the wholesale orders is performed in a neatly timed manner as their 3 warehouses serve each and every Ecu country.

The MOQ threshold of $1200/€1000 is easily reached and each and every factor you should do is access their internet web page as a way to check in as their consumer. Additionally, with the Make a selection & Mix selection, you most likely can create your own custom designed selection of branded clothing and gear, that may greatest correspond in conjunction with your purchaser’s needs. You can even seek for prepackaged stock lots, pre-mixed devices of products from certain producers, as a way to protected additional discounts. In truth, the monthly stock tons provide the latest development products that can put across freshness and exclusivity for your inventory however moreover put across you up to 95% of the Actually helpful Retail Worth.

The supply is performed by means of couriers like DHL, FedEx, or UPS and it is confident to be loyal, fast, and protected. Additionally, the supply fees are as low as $17 consistent with order. Finally, BrandsGateway offers a 7-day go back protection from the availability date, for gadgets which may well be damaged, or products that have been wrongly shipped. All in all, BrandsGateway provides seamless carrier, so in case you are searching for a devoted {{and professional}} wholesale supplier to your recent undertaking concept you must check them out.

Suppliers for your clothing boutique

Hana Fashion

Hana Fashion is a wholesale and stock garments supplier that manages stock collections of clothes and sneakers from middle-range producers. Headquartered in Spain, it may be able to provide some competitive prices, attributable to their purchase of huge volumes. In addition to, they have got a regular direct supply chain from the producers they cooperate with they generally portray a partnership and cooperation throughout the process of shopping for stock collections from those producers. Additionally, they provide products which may well be of distinctive top quality and are free of defects, from spherical 30 development producers. Finally, as well as they take care of their own warehouses from where they send the stock to their end clients.

Magnvs Brothers S.L

Magnvs Brothers S.L are wholesalers from Spain who are a slightly more youthful company established in 2020. With headquarters and a warehouse in Madrid, Magnvs Brothers S.L are manufacturers, vendors, and commercialists as correctly. The company is particularly targeted on wholesale and it offers non-branded garments strains that they themselves produce, by means of two forms of channels: online product sales, and direct product sales where they nurture a personalized courting with end clients. They’ll provide a wide variety of products on their internet web page, where corporations can check for collections on discounts or take care of their orders. Additionally, as well as they’ve their own style of garments known as Pettegole that has a tendency to offer conceptual garments that goals more youthful and sporty audiences. All their garments products are to be had sizes that can fit everyone. The company moreover plays a weekly fill up in their collections, so their inventory is more or less more than a few.

Drapatex Recycling S.L

The next one at the document of wholesale providers in Spain is Drapatex Recycling S.L. As their establish suggests, the company focuses on recycling and improving out of date clothes, sneakers, and a lot of forms of apparatus. This non-typical wholesale supplier starts the process with a simple classification of the garments and then proceeds with the recovery, packaging, and garage of the recovered product. As a question of reality, the garments they advertise is supposed for second-hand retail outlets, and that is the reason the rationale their number one purpose is the markets in Africa and Japanese Europe. So, in case you are searching for this type of supplier and intend on getting into the second-hand marketplace, it is best to check them out.

Mirame 2nd Hand

Primarily based in 2009, the Mirame 2nd Hand is a wholesale company that moreover provides with recycling and improving out of date and worn clothes. The company operates throughout the import-export trade, and irrespective of the second-hand garments, it moreover has to offer a kids’s garments line. The company’s headquarters are located in Castellon, Spain, so in case you are now not chasing from a slick and trendy inventory and wish to enforce some second-hand strains as moderately priced garments it is best to consider them as an selection.

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Next at the document of wholesale providers in Spain is Modastock. This international development wholesale supplier is offering provides for volume-oriented retail garments retail outlets and wholesalers that desire a listing at low prices. The company is certainly a type of a broker for specialized development apparel that provides with international off-price retail retail outlets and wholesalers. Additionally, attributable to their group of contacts during the manner trade, they’re going to provide a widespread circulation of Ecu products and key contacts with vendors and partners throughout the development wholesale marketplace. Their number one operation is the wholesale of branded clothes, sneakers, and gear and their inventory is composed of the style’s leftovers, over-production, stock tons, retailer returns, closeouts, or seasonal liquidations.


Tekstila is a sustainable wholesale supplier the purchases branded gadgets from international producers which may well be ultimate season or clearouts and offers them to shops at discounted prices. They do not imagine {{that a}} linear production gadget is a viable selection for the planet’s resources which may well be limited. Because of this truth, they wish to advertise the spherical financial gadget and participate in reducing the impact the manner marketplace has at the surroundings. This fashion they alter to the United Countries sustainable growth targets. A bit of little bit of a downside is that their reintroduction of items by means of this spherical financial gadget technique is particularly targeted at the markets in Asia, Latin The united states, and Africa.

Used Garments Taib

One different one at the document of wholesale providers in Spain that operates all the way through the second-hand garments wholesale marketplace. The an identical as previous ones, Used Garments Taib specializes throughout the recovery and recycling of clothes that have been used, and after optimizing them for another lifecycle of usage it sells them to vendors which may well be in the sort of undertaking. Headquartered in Cocentaina, they have got 15 years of experience in selling second-hand and vintage garments, coming in a lot of types and to be used for more than a few seasons. All their clothes are to start with from international locations like England, the Netherlands, Denmark and every other international locations in Europe and attributable to their second-hand nature, they have got some fair prices. In addition to, they’re going to provide branded second-hand garments for ladies, men, and children, for summer time and iciness, and a recycled or recovered sneakers collection that incorporates fair top quality as correctly. Finally, they send to nearly each and every part of the arena, on the other hand their maximum targeted spaces are some international locations in Europe, Africa, and Latin The united states.

Ganga Lotes

The overall one at the document of wholesale providers in Spain is Ganga Lotes. The company used to be primarily based in 2010, and its number one operations are targeted at the footwear industry, however moreover provides a wholesale experience throughout the garments, apparatus, undies, neatly being, and beauty segments. They supply a big collection of products at affordable prices and send to any place on this planet in each and every period of the year. Ganga Lotes moreover provides a just right amount of weekly discounts on products that they at the present time have in stock. Finally, their inventory of stock is up to the moment each and every 15 days, which brings just a little little bit of fluctuate to their garments strains. If you are searching for a supplier with a undeniable be aware of the sneakers trade, and limited pieces of garments, apparatus, and other products, check them out.

To summarize

The search for the precise wholesale supplier from Spain starts with thorough research essentially according to a prior plan on what you are searching for in terms of a certain supplier. As a result of the fact that the products that your wholesale supplier is providing will be the number one gasoline of your online or brick-and-mortar store, it’s relatively important to degree out all the bullet components that greatest describe your long run supplier. Only then, you most likely will have a clear vision of which wholesale supplier might be an excellent fit to your store and will provide you a continuing carrier.

Because of this truth, it is time so to cross-check all the choices that might be crucial for securing fruitful cooperation with a certain supplier. We are hoping that this document of wholesale providers would most likely come up with just a little little bit of standpoint into this topic and display you how one can to your adventure of in the beginning, finding the precise one, and finally starting your corporation undertaking with peace of ideas.


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